Why do some people seem to get so much more done than others?

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How do they do more, achieve more, earn more, have more? The answer is they make getting to the heart of things the heart of their approach. In a world increasingly full of distractions, focus is the engine of achievement. What do these people focus on? Their ONE Thing. They have skills that enable them to identify their most important priority, pinpoint the lead activity to launch them forward toward that priority, and focus on that small, lead activity—purely— until it tumbles. A wisely chosen lead activity achieves multiple action items toward their goal. The lead domino has the power to topple dominos larger than itself, propelling well-planned achievement, knocking down the next larger domino, and the next … creating exponential, geometrically progressive results. The ONE Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan is all about the revolutionary skills that enable this most powerful form of focus— priority planning and achievement. It unveils the surprisingly simple truth behind extraordinary results. Gary Keller identified that behind every successful person is their ONE Thing. Once you’ve identified your ONE Thing, only the ability to dismiss distractions and concentrate on your ONE Thing stands between you and your goals. The ONE Thing is about getting extraordinary results in every situation. The now bestseller leapt to prominence quickly and has already helped thousands of now productive, happier professionals.

Gary employed his innovative perspectives on focus to drive his own business into first-place territory previously untraveled by other companies. Keller Williams Realty continues to increase its industry leadership as it has gone global, winning awards and besting their own benchmarks, all from utilizing ONE Thing concepts and techniques. The Official, Certified ONE Thing Workshop, under the leadership of Certified ONE Thing trainer, Jay Puppo, is a results driven training and coaching program that puts the tools and techniques from The ONE Thing into the hands of people ready to fire up their focus for achievement in their professional and personal lives. Using state-of-the-art interactive exercises, habit-building, and guided self-discovery techniques, Jay’s dynamic presentations dismiss the thieves that steal productivity and usher in high-level skills of empowered focus and planning.

The ONE Thing One-day Workshop includes:

● The Seven Most Important Areas of Your Life

● The Six Lies Between You and Success

● The Simple Path to Productivity

● The Three Commitments

● Goal Setting to the Now

● The Focusing Question and Habit-building

● Extreme Pareto (Leveraging the 80/20 Rule)

● Extraordinary Results Require a Great Answer

● Team and Individual Alignment Planning with the GPS and

4-1-1 Tools

● Time Blocking

● Five Steps to Getting Purposeful

● The Four Thieves that Rob You of Your Productivity

● Your Big Why

● Putting The ONE Thing to Work

Powerful Results

Graduates of The ONE Thing Workshop describe stellar results in their careers and personal lives. Empire Builders receives a river of reports of happier professionals achieving their goals for their most important work while at the same time achieving their goals with their family, spiritual, and personal lives. Response to this training has been enthusiastic, including large numbers of referrals and repeat business. Many of the most admired companies on the planet are now engaging The ONE Thing training and coaching to great effect and the program is growing exponentially—just like it teaches participants to do. Groups that embrace The ONE Thing at a leadership level and company-wide report their productivity and staff satisfaction is soaring.

Research shows that participants:

● Create habits that support and drive their goal-setting and achievement

● Practice time blocking for their most important work

● Get more accomplished in the seven most important areas of their lives

● Experience increased alignment with team and company goals

● Become productivity influencers, drawing their teams into their progress

● Have increased success, happiness, and fulfillment

Experience amazing results. You’ll never go back to the painful hit or miss productivity of the past.

Participant comments:

“The ONE Thing Workshop has supercharged the productivity in my office. My team time blocks the same hours and supports each other’s focus.”

“The ONE Thing Workshop helped me to zero in on my true purpose. Now I have a guiding light as I move forward. The ONE Thing workshop will help you find yours as well!”

“I have never worked with anyone that has had such an immediate and significant positive impact on my productivity and clarity as you. I had extremely high expectations that were more than satisfied.”

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