Everyone Needs a

Every great achiever in history has had an advisor, confidant, coach. Business and creative genius Walt Disney had his brother Roy Disney. Academy Award-winning actress Glenn Close had acting coach Harold Guskinl, the top golfer in history Tiger Woods at one point had as many as four coaches!
Imagine what you can accomplish with a highly trained professional coach who is 100% committed to your success.

Hear what Bill Gates and Eric Schmidt say about needing a coach


A great coach will cause you to:

  • Connector.


    your thinking.

  • Connector.


    what you want out of your life.

  • Connector.


    the key actions you must take to achieve your dreams.

  • Connector.


    your focus so that you can make quantum leaps in your productivity.

  • Connector.


    the clutter and distractions so you can focus on what matters most to you.

  • Connector.

    Build accountability

    into your systems so that you get everything you want out of every single day.

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Find out if coaching is right for you.  In our complimentary 30-minute coaching assessment, you’ll learn about our unique coaching process and find out if coaching is the right tool for you.  There is no risk and no hard sell –just you and Jay talking about you and your goals and how coaching might be beneficial.

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Family, Community, Business

Jay knows how to take networking and relationship-building expertise and parlay them into solid sales success. In fact, in his 27 years in the insurance industry, he’s consistently been a top producer, enjoying 16 years of continuous business growth and earning more than $6 million in annual gross revenues.

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What is your ONE THING that if you did it, or unnecessary?

Building Lasting Relationships


Danny Hughes

“Jay has been a consummate professional and a valued coach and confidant, both personally and professionally, for almost two decades. He consistently puts his clients and his friends first, finding ways to add value to their lives…”

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Jill Verboort

“Jay has coached me for six months, and in that time, I have experienced significant growth in my confidence as a small business owner. Jay has shown me how to focus my time and energy on the activities that positively impact myself, my family, and my business…”

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Zach Elliot

“Jay and I began our coaching relationship as I was making the most significant transition of my career. With Jay’s help, I not only flourished through this season but experienced exponential personal growth…”

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